Sketch Swap_01

I’m setting out with the intention of Sketch Swap to be one of the ‘on-going’ series (along with the Camera Series). In this series of posts I need the help and involvement of my friends and readers (for the like minded sub-culture called useless, that’s you). I intend for it to become some sort of trading hub where A4 sized sketches drawn with anything and everything can be swapped and shared. I think it’s an awesome way to gather a collection of others work, gain personal exposure and what’s more, it’s relatively cheap. All you need to do it pay for postage (I’m sure everyone can scrounge a piece of paper).

The images themselves need not be flash or fancy. The rawer the better from my point of view. And please, don’t spend much time on it. A couple of hours should produce a sketch appropriate for this purpose.

This is the first sketch I got my hands on and is drawn by a good friend of mine Dylan. Dylan’s style has changed a lot since he drew this and I am working on him to do another swap sometime soon to show you the massive change he undertook.

A little play on the meat work’s company Affco, who have now changed their logo.

You can check more of Dylan’s work here; Dylan’s Flicker.

The second sketch here is drawn by a talented friend of mine Marita. From what I understand, Marita finds interesting portraits from Vice Magazine and sketches them using ballpoint pens. I personally find drawing with these pens rather difficult, yet Marita’s sketch looks amazing!

Digging the beard too.

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