Sketch_Swap-kind of

Lately I’ve been keeping in touch with one of my boys who has recently left our shores for bigger and better things. Dan and I share a similar creative interest. For this reason I was super stoking on life when I came home to find that he had dropped off a stencil for me. It’s not often that you score pieces like this. Therefore, it had to go straight to my ‘important place’, my ‘zen space’. You can be rest assured bro that your stencil is positioned among my finest. My ‘finest’ includes the following;

– Copious tea pots. There is never a bad time for tea, especially from a pot.

– 2 x smoking tins.

– 1 x large glass ash tray.

– 1 x whiskey flask and 2 x ceramic whiskey mugs.

-1 x Molotow paint marker.

– 2 x comic books.

– A buzy chess board from South America.

-2 x big cats (1 lion and 1 panther).

– 2 x tea cup sets.

– 1 x flat peak.

And now

– 1 x stencil.

Without further due may I introduce …….. Ol Dirty Bastard.


    • Thanks! Feel free to get involved :)

    • That’s totally up to you. All blog site’s are reasonably easy to use and have many preset options. WordPress has been good for me. They also have features which allow custom CSS or style sheet manipulation (for an added cost though).

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