Introducing HDR Photography

I was introduce to HDR photography through the internet. Some quick searches reveal loads of material in how the pro’s doing, even though the concept is relatively young. HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography picks up alot more detail than traditional photography due to additional information gathering from areas of under and over exposure. Due to this, it is said to produce an image closer to that which the human eye see’s.

Check these interesting links.

35 Fantastic HDR Examples.

Vanilla HDR Guide.

The granddaddy of HDR:

Trey Ratcliff @ Stuck in Customs.

It didn’t take me long before I was out there hunting for photo spots that would be suitable for these types of images.

The first, a city-scape of AK. The second, urban exploring in AK. The third, the bad lands, AK and lastly, Ironbank, K Rd. One of AK’s newest and, from my point-of-view, most amazing pieces of architecture. Designed by RTA, Auckland.

If you want to see more from RTA have a look here:

RTA Studio.

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