HONDA CT125 pt.6

A. Motor soda blasted and reassembled with new parts mentioned in a previous post. At least I tried to reassemble it. I’ll say that it’s ‘reassembled’ when I actually have it going. Until then I have submitted to the fact that I’ll be tearing it apart again. You can see how spanky clean the engine came up after the blasting. Such an easy option for getting it clean. Saves hours of scrubbing with wire brushes and solvents. The only draw back is the couple of hundred dollars I had to dish out.

B. Wheels serviced and on the frame. Had a horrible time cleaning the wheels. I should have had them blasted with the frame and engine. The chrome on the rims came out really well.

D. Motor onto frame and looking good!

E. Air filter box (which was soda blasted and powdercoated) onto frame.

H. Handle bars onto frame. I might have to get a new set of bars, these ones are pretty bent up.


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